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Aqua-Chem PR5T
Announcing the HSFD-P-05T
5 Tonne Distiller
When Lives Depend on It…
The right-sized solution to meet the need for pharmaceutical grade water for injection. 

Aqua-Chem’s newest engineering marvel, the HSFD-P-05T, runs efficiently, while reducing operating costs. The HSFD-P-05T produces 5 metric tonnes per hour under less stringent feedwater requirements than multiple-effect distillation processes, and it uses less energy so it pays for itself. To make it even better, Aqua-Chem’s patented horizontal Spray Film evaporator provides improved wetting of the evaporator tubes and reduces scaling, resulting in less downtime and higher efficiency, saving you even more. And our vapor compression technology has other benefits, like the lack of a supplemental cooling requirement. The HSFD-P-05T can make a real difference to your bottom line, while meeting the exacting standards of excellence and support you expect from the leader in Global Water Solutions, Aqua-Chem.

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Aqua-Chem is the leader in providing Global Water Solutions. We develop innovative and comprehensive water solutions for the Military, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Industrials, Bottled Water, Commercial Marine, and Micro-utilities markets. We build water processing systems with custom engineering and cutting edge technology; using high quality in-house manufacturing, superior components, and the highest quality customer service. Aqua-Chem, along with our Matrix and Specific Equipment product lines, provides complete water solutions in the markets we serve around the globe. We pride ourselves on the fact that Aqua-Chem is the premiere water treatment and micro-utility company in the world. Water Solutions begin and end with Aqua-Chem.

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