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Aqua-Chem provides turnkey solutions for the production of high purity water-for-injection and pure steam for the biopharmaceutical industries. When lives depend on it, companies turn to us.

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Vapor Compression

What is Vapor Compression?

In terms of distillation, Vapor Compression, or VC, refers to Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) technology, which is utilized to impart energy (in the form of heat) to evaporated water (i.e. vapor) through centrifugal compression.  Vapor Compression is much more efficient in distilling water compared to older technology, which requires massive amounts of thermal energy input (i.e. plant steam, electrical heaters) applied over a multi-pass evaporation/condensation process.  Click below to learn how Aqua-Chem utilizes Vapor Compression in the production of Water-for-Injection for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries.

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Aqua-Chem Spray-Film® Vapor Compression
Vapor Compression Distillation
Vapor Compression Machines

Pure Steam Generation

What is Pure Steam?

Pure Steam, also known as Clean Steam, is evaporator purified water that is utilized throughout the clean manufacturing process.  Common uses include equipment sanitization, component sterilization and clean room humidification.  Typically, Pure Steam is generated by pumping a purified feedwater through a shell and tube evaporator, which when heated by plant steam, evaporates and migrates to a centrifugal separator.  The centrifugal separator, which contains a controlled level of condensed, concentrated water, functions to force all remaining moisture from the steam, produced a dry, high purified stream of Pure Steam.  Click below to learn more about Aqua-Chem’s standard line of Pure Steam Generators (PSG’s).

      Pure Steam Generation Machines
      Pharmaceutical & Biotech
      Pharmaceutical & Biotech

      A major biotech company in the United States understood the benefits of vapor compression distillation technology over multi-effect distillation, including improved efficiency and simplified pretreatment.

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