Serving all branches of the military as well as government needs for water purification both on land and offshore, for drinking and industrial processes, we cover the waterfront for stationary and mobile water purification needs. Since World War II, Aqua-Chem equipment has served in both peace and war supplying pure fresh water for populations large and small. From the Gulf War to the present, from a cholera epidemic in Rwanda to flood victims in North Dakota, our Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units (ROWPU) and Tactical Water Purification Systems (TWPS) continue to perform reliably and economically.

Typical applications include production of bottled water or potable water for people on the move such as those in temporary mining and construction camps, and military troops in the field.

Aqua-Chem's TWPS (Tactical Water Purification System) offer high mobility for easy transport via truck, rail or air, as well as fast set up in the field and easy operation with minimal operator attention, making them ideal for the military and for civilian disaster relief emergencies.

Our ROWPUs have been used in Operation Desert Storm, to provide clean water during a cholera epidemic in Rwanda, and to aid flood victims in North Dakota. RO can also reduce any anticipated levels of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) contamination to safe levels with our optional NBC system.