60hz Reverse Osmosis Machines 10-100 m3/h
The PRO platform is a range of pre-engineered RO machines and supporting components like multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners, chemical feed systems, tanks, and pumps for the building blocks of a full-scale configurable water system. With decades of engineering and manufacturing experience worldwide, we offer superior standardization and optimization of RO system design.

Standard Features

  • AB PanelView 300 3.0-inch Monochrome Display

  • Touch Screen Controls

  • AB Micrologix PLC Communication: RS232

  • 4-20 mA Instruments Displayed on Instrument Center

  • NR-10 Electrical Panel

Options & Upgrades

  • AB PanelView Plus 700 7.0-inch Color Display

  • Text and Pictorial Operating Screens

  • Touch Screen Controls

  • AB CompactLogix PLC Communication: Ethernet

  • 4-20 mA Instruments on Touch Screen

  • Primary and final Pressure Transmitters

  • Conductivity Transmitter on Feed

  • RO permeate Flush on Shutdown

  • NR-10 Electrical Panel

  • NR-13 compliance

  • PH meter on RO Feed

  • GE Fanuc PLC Control Package

  • Membrane Options:

  • 400 Square Foot Elements

  • High Rejection Elements

  • Low Energy Elements

  • Motor Starter

  • Variable Frequency Drive

  • ORP meter

  • pH meter (basic)

  • PRO Multi-Media filters

  • PRO Activated Carbon and Softeners

  • PRO Clean-in-Place units

  • PRO Chemical Feed Systems

  • Transfer Pumps and Storage Tanks


Equipment Characteristics

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