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An oil company in the Persian Gulf region was having significant trouble with their fresh watermakers. These watermakers suffered excessive downtime for cleaning and repair. The oil company was frequently forced to barge fresh water out to their rigs, wasting both time and money.

Aqua-Chem listened to their technical problems and the business implications. In order to fully resolve their situation, we replaced their watermakers with proven designs, and simultaneously implemented a comprehensive service contract that included: equipment operators, custom cleaning chemicals, support from locally based factory-trained technicians and local parts and logistics support. The result: No more watermaker problems, no more barges, and water tanks full of the highest quality drinking water from some of the highest salinity seawater in the world. We’ve been told by our customers that we’re a lot like the kid who couldn’t stop asking questions. The kid who tore things apart to see how they worked. We’re an organization fueled by the belief that a better question leads to a better answer. And so we question everything, from technical challenges to business goals.

Then we listen. We take in everything, acquiring knowledge and experience across dozens of industries, not just a few niche markets. Unlike some organizations, we believe in seeing the details and the big picture. By understanding your needs, we help you find a better solution – to better meet your challenges and your company’s bottom line.

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