Reverse Osmosis & EDI


Aqua-Chem’s Reverse Osmosis & EDI purified water systems are designed to meet USP Purified Water Standards and ASTM Laboratory Reagent Water Standards for a variety of applications including bulk API or BPC preparation, non-parenteral dosage forms, WFI pretreatment and initial rinsing, laboratory activities, medical device manufacturing, cosmetics processing and industrial biotechnology amongst others.

Food & Beverage

Oil & Gas

Commercial Marine

Aqua-Chem Sanrodi Reverse Osmosis

FLOW RATE: 4.4gpm up to 66gpm

CAPACITY: 2.5-5gpm up to 49-70gpm

SYSTEM DIMENSIONS: Two Sizes Available (132 x 67 x 84 in.) (152 x 82 x 84 in.)


  • 100 Gallon SS Feed/Sanitization Break Tank
  • Electric Heater for Hot Water Sanitization
  • SS Repress Pump
  • SS Multi-Stage High Pressure Pump
  • High-Efficiency TEFC Motors with Variable Frequency Drive
  • SS Cartridge Filter Housing with 5 Micron Particle Pre-filters
  • FRP Membrane Pressure Vessels
  • Sanitary Full-Fit Membranes
  • Heat-Sanitizable Low-Energy CEDI Stacks with VDC Power Supply
  • PLC with Backup Power Supply
  • 10” Touchscreen HMI
  • Sanitary Turbine Flow Sensors
  • PID Flow Control Valves
  • Sanitary Pressure Transmitters
  • Conductivity Sensors
  • Level Sensor
  • RO and EDI Concentrate Recycle Increases Recovery
  • Permeate Divert Valves
  • Tri-Clamp Connections
  • Sanitary 316L SS Tubing/Piping for RO Product, EDI Inlet, and EDI Product
  • Powder-Coated Carbon Steel Skid


  • Chemical Feed Pump and Day Tank
  • Dual Alternating Catalytic Carbon Filter
  • Dual Alternating Water Softener
  • Dual Alternating Media Filter
  • Hardness Monitor
  • SS Membrane Pressure Vessels
  • UV Disinfection and Post-Filter
  • Degassing Membrane
  • TOC Monitor
  • Microbial Monitor
  • Remote Monitoring
  • pH Sensor
  • ORP Sensor
  • Purified Water Storage and Distribution Skid

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