Aqua-Chem Carbon Towers are part of the pre-treatment process which removes chlorine or chloramine before the water enters into a reverse osmosis membrane or vapor compression distiller. Carbon Towers are available individually or as part of a complete water treatment solution such as an Aqua-Chem water room. Aqua-Chem Carbon Towers are designed specifically for your application and use only NSF 61 approved materials to prevent leaching. When it comes to daily operations, maintenance, and cleaning, Aqua-Chem’s smart design stands-out with multiple features that make these infrequent, but necessary tasks easier and faster. Depending on your water quality requirements and a complete feed water analysis, Aqua-Chem can design a carbon tower filter to meet your needs.


Aqua-Chem Carbon Filtration


  • 316L Stainless Steel construction
  • 1 gpm/ft3 flow rate for 7.5 min EBCT
  • 1-1.5X service flow backwash rate
  • Media Retaining slotted screen strainer to capture carbon within the tower
  • 40-50% Freeboard
  • Fully drainable for easier and faster service, cleaning and maintenance
  • Manual operation with option for automatic available
  • Media Evacuation valve on bottom head
  • Inlet/outlet pressure, outlet flow, and vessel temperature monitoring assure temperature control during the steam cycle


  • Automatic Backwash assures consistent performance with less effort.
  • Automatic steam or hot water sanitization processes increase the efficacy of the VOC removal and sanitization.
  • Electropolished tank and face piping for a superior surface finish.

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