Aqua-Chem provides solutions to your pure water needs. Our portfolio includes a full range of thermal and membrane water treatment technologies including vapor compression distillation, flash evaporation, reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, and ion exchange. We ask questions to learn about your challenges and listen intently to understand your needs. From there, we develop recommendations specific to your industry, application, and situation. Whether you need pure water for biotech production or potable water on an offshore oil rig, we’ve been there. Our team will work with you to design and engineer solutions that meet your specifications. While we don’t specialize in any one industry (we specialize in the application of knowledge and processes from industry to industry), we have a strong track record in a range of industries and markets. We will draw on our years of experience in a variety of industries to solve problems in ways you never expected. And we’ll be there for you down the road with service and support for the life of your unit, including maintenance and parts. From World War II to the present, we’ve made sure that deployed troops have safe drinking water. Whether it’s cholera in Rwanda or floods in the United States, Aqua-Chem has been there. We partner with customers in countries around the world to deliver quality water for consumption, healthcare, and industrial processes. Since our inception, Aqua-Chem has valued the idea that industrial equipment and water treatment should be more efficient and more reliable. We’ve spent every day since then working to make that happen. And, in the process, made the world a better place.

Aqua-Chem Company History


Former parent, Cleaver-Brooks, begins boiler business water purification division.


Aqua-Chem is commissioned by the United States Military to design mobile distillation units to provide drinking water to federal troops during WWII.

Aqua-Chem supports all branches of the US military


Aqua-Chem designs and produces a seawater desalinating system for the United States Military. This produces a long-lasting relationship resulting in Aqua-Chem equipment currently used on 263 out of 276 ships in the Navy Fleet.

Aqua-Chem Supports the US Military with Equipment that makes clean water


Aqua-Chem revolutionizes the thermal distillation process by creating the horizontal Spray-Film vapor compression technology. This technology would go on to be the industry benchmark for the generation of Distilled Water and Water-for-Injection through superior bacteria and endotoxin removal and unmatched equipment reliability and performance.


Aqua-Chem Supports US Troops Military

Aqua-Chem becomes the product developer and prime production contract supplier to the United States government for transportable water purification systems for military use, and later also for civilian emergency use. These systems are known as Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units (ROWPUs) and deliver 3,000 gallons of water per hour in field use.


CleaverBrooks is now Aqua-Chem

Cleaver-Brooks (based in Wisconsin) sells Aqua-Chem to a company formed by Altus Capital Partners and Aqua-Chem management.


Aqua-Chem acquired the assets of Matrix Utilities, Inc. (Florida), expanding ACI’s customer base and product offerings in the Land-Based and Marine markets.

Martix Water Logo


Drill bit manufacturing equipment

Aqua-Chem integrates the military aftermarket group Columbus Industries (Georgia) into its organization.


Aqua-Chem acquires Specific Equipment Company (Texas), expanding ACI’s customer base and product offerings in the Offshore Oil & Gas market.

Specific Equipment Logo


Aqua-Chem acquires and integrates the assets of Enviro-Solutions (Tennessee), expanding our ability to support the growing Chinese and Asian Biotech markets, including manufacturing, sales and aftermarket services.

Enviro Solutions Logo


Altus Capital Partners sells Aqua-Chem to majority stockholder Crimson Investments.

Crimson Investments Logo


Aqua-Chem’s facility in Wuxi, China opens expanding our ability to support the growing Chinese and Asian Biotech markets, including manufacturing, sales and aftermarket services.

Aqua-Chem China


Aqua-Chem continues growth in Beverage market, launching standard product lines of Carbon Towers and Reverse Osmosis Systems.


Aqua-Chem announces the launch of TORRENT™ Ambient Water for Injection (WFI) and Purified Water (PW) for generating compendial water for pharma and biopharma applications.

Ambient Water for Injection and Purified Water Generation Systems

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