Pure Steam Generators

We’ve focused on all the essentials in our Pure Steam Generator design. The equipment provides consistent high quality pure steam for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Hospital, Laboratory and other industries.

All internal and external aesthetics have been designed to meet the stringent demands of sterile environments. Equipment reliability, product quality, and safety are standard features built-in to each unit.

The unique Aqua-Chem evaporator with double tube sheet design prevents product contamination to the pure steam.

Our standard validation package assists you in meeting your IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols.

Aqua-Chem Pure Steam Generation

CAPACITY: 675 lb/hr up to 10,150 lb/hr

SYSTEMS: 9 Standard Units, but custom units available


  • Thermo-syphon separator section creates max centrifugal force for elimination of remaining water droplets
  • Double tubesheet evaporator and heat exchanger(s) for long term reliability
  • New evaporator gasket design improves seal integrity and life
  • Fully automated control, with central control system integration capability

Pure Steam Generator Process Flow Diagram



Pure Steam Generation

Standard Units

Model Nominal Capacity
PSG-500 675 lbs/hr 306 kg/hr
PSG-1000 1400 lbs/hr 675 kg/hr
PSG-1500 1500 lbs/hr 680 kg/hr
PSG-2500 2900 lbs/hr 1315 kg/hr
PSG-3000 3200 lbs/hr 1415 kg/hr
PSG-4000 4450 lbs/hr 2018 kg/hr
PSG-5000 5000 lbs/hr 2267 kg/hr
PSG-7500 7500 lbs/hr 3402 kg/hr
PSG-10000 10150 lbs/hr 4604 kg/hr

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