Aqua-Chem serves all branches of the military as well as government needs for water purification both on land and offshore, for drinking and industrial processes, we cover the waterfront for stationary and mobile water purification needs.


Aqua-Chem offers a wide range of MIL-SPEC Navy Reverse Osmosis water purification systems including seawater to potable and potable to high purity water. We have many sizes qualified and operating on-board Navy ships and we have the in-house capability to design and qualify any size that may be required for a new application.

Aqua-Chem Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems, Tactical Water Purification Systems, Heat Transfer Systems, and Sea Water Plate Distillers that are favored throughout the offshore, military, government, marine, industrial, chemical and power plant fields.

Seawater Filtration 6800 Reverse Osmosis System by Aqua-Chem


Government Market- Land Forces & Naval Forces

The U.S. Navy required replacement watermakers for one of their ships. Aqua-Chem utilized smart design to avoid a multimillion-dollar hull cut.

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