Aqua-Chem’s range of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are the result of decades of experience engineering complete water rooms to create the most efficient and sustainable systems to produce purified ingredient water for the beverage industry. Aqua-Chem Reverse Osmosis Systems are highly customizable utilizing a wide range of membranes from a variety of suppliers.
This flexibility means that Aqua-Chem can balance all aspects of the purification process at your facility; feed water conditions, permeate quality requirements, energy consumption, and recovery goals to create the most efficient and sustainable system for your facility.


Reverse Osmosis Unit

FLOW RATE: 100 to 400 gallons per minute (gpm)

CAPACITY: Single-pass and Double-pass Configurations

FLEXIBLE: Additional Flow Rates and Customizations are Available.

SMART: Track and trend data for predictive maintenance and reduced downtime.


• Pretreatment and Polishing processes integrated into one system
• VFDs on pump motor(s) to increase efficiency
• Vertical multistage pumps are longer-lasting and provide a higher level of reliability
• Convenient sample ports on each housing for easy quality monitoring
• Comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) performed in our ISO9001 certified facility
• Fully programmable alarm conditions customized to your system requirements (fixed or adjustable)
• Hot water sanitizable units are available
• Allen Bradley PLC and Touchscreen HMI for easy monitoring and seamless integration with existing equipment
•Aqua-Chem’s field service team supports you during and after commissioning
•We offer operator training, preventative maintenance programs, and more
•Clean in Place (CIP)- Full machine or bank-by-bank  capability


• Integrated Concentrate Recovery to increase efficiency
• Stainless Steel Membrane Pressure Vessels


Beverage Reverse Osmosis Process Flow Diagram

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