Aqua-Chem understands the importance of protecting our natural resources and environment. That is why, Aqua-Chem is committed to engineering solutions that minimize energy consumption while maximizing water recovery.

We focus on providing our clients with the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment on the market because sustainable use of our natural resources is not only important to our current success, but also to the success of generations to come.

We integrate our ‘reduce, remove, reuse and recover’ philosophy into our designs.

  • Reduce operation cost, carbon footprint, energy, chemicals, waste, and manpower while maximizing asset data.
  • Remove unwanted elements, such as micropollutants, bacteria, and minerals, through purification to comply with regulatory frameworks.
  • Reuse effluent to process- or drinking water, CIP fluid, and turn groundwater/surface water/seawater into drinking water.
  • Recover nitrogen, biofat, biogas, energy, water, and caustic (as a product).

Customer For Life and Value-Added Services

We design, build, finance, operate, and maintain clean water solutions for a sustainable and resilient future, with a unique portfolio of smart and game-changing solutions in sustainable water use, energy and resource recovery.

Choosing Aqua-Chem means partnering with an innovative and reliable group of water solution experts. We will work to keep your cost as low as possible and deliver the highest quality and most reliable solutions that help you meet your production goals. 

Contact us today to learn why we focus on providing the kind of experience and building a partnership that makes you a “Customer for Life.”

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