Gravity Separators-

Remove Heavy Settling and Floating Particles from Wastewater

Gravity Separators

Designed to remove heavy settling and floating particles from water without the addition of chemicals and energy. Also used to recover valuable materials from water, without any contamination of additives, for sale or reuse.

Sedimentation unit, type NTB:

Robust and straightforward lamella settler to remove ‘heavy’ particles from wastewater. Sediment removal by time-controlled pneumatic valves.

Sand separator, type NSS:
The sand separator can automatically remove and concentrate specific wastewater streams, sand, and sediment from settlers and flotation units.

Oil & water separator, type CPI:
Operates using gravity to separate oils from oil-contaminated streams in a concrete basin. All internals of the CPI separator are part of our product program.

Plate pack module, type PPA module:
The standardized module can be integrated into CPI designs.

Oil & water separator, type CCS:
Operates by using gravity to separate oil from oil-contaminated streams. The stainless steel unit is prefabricated in our workshop with a skim pipe or scraper system.

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