Vapor Compression Distillation

Vapor Compression Distiller

Aqua-Chem manufactures a variety of standard models of Vapor Compression Distillers and is capable of designing a system that will meet your requirements. The innovative design delivers reduced energy consumption and has less stringent feedwater requirements when compared to other distillation processes like multiple-effect systems, making Aqua-Chem Vapor Compression Distillers a popular and sustainable choice for water purification. All components are accessible from floor-level, with the compressor and pump convenient located at the edge of the skid for easy serviceability. Aqua-Chem utilizes low-speed compressor technology, which results in cooler bearing temperatures and less downtime.

Aqua-Chem Vapor Compression Distiller
Annual Maintenance Checklist for VC Vapor Compression Distillers for Beverage Manufacturers

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Vapor Compression Distiller from Aqua-Chem

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