Separate Large Particles from Wastewater


Filter systems are primary screening filters that separate large particles from your wastewater. Removal of these particles prevents downstream pipe blockages and protects upstream equipment.

Aquarake, type NPS
The Aquarake is a self-cleaning channel filter with an endless belt of filter elements, which will transport and discharge the retained solids. Hot water spray system and brush cleaning are optional items on the screen.

Curved screen, type NZB

The curved screen is a straightforward static filter with a wedge wire sieving plate. A pneumatic-controlled sparing system installed with a cover will clean the curved screen periodically.

Rotary drum screen, type NTF

The internally fed rotary drum screen is equipped with a patented inlet water distribution system. A perforated drum with a screw will retain and transport the solids from the wastewater. An overflow system is standard.

Rotary drum screen, type NRF

The externally fed rotary drum screen with a self-cleaning wedge wire drum will retain solids from the wastewater. An adjustable overflow weir and spraying system for periodic cleaning are integrated into the design.

Rotary drum screen, type NDF

The cloth filter is an inside-fed rotary drum screen with a perforated drum covered by a cloth specially designed to remove fine solids. Suitable for specific applications, for example, solid/liquid separation of manure.

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