Clean-In-Place Skid

Clean-In-Place Skid
Heated Recirculation Tank Recirculation Pump Cartridge Filter Chemical Dosing

Heated Recirculation Tank

The inline heating element in the tank keeps the solution at the correct temperature during recirculation or during cleaning. This can be controlled from this unit and allows for flexibility and heating during the cleaning process.

Recirculation Pump

The recirculating pump allows for recirculating water or chemical and the recovery of cleaning solution to the tank or piece of equipment.

Cartridge Filter

A cartridge filter removes particles and some chemicals from feedwater. By removing these particulates from the feedwater the cartridge filter is protecting the reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

Chemical Dosing

Chemical dosing systems by Aqua-Chem can handle many different kinds of chemicals while maintaining accuracy and reliable performance.