“Global. Water. Solutions.” isn’t merely a tagline—
it’s the easiest way to communicate what matters to us at Aqua-Chem.

Many companies tout “Global” as part of their marketing to imply world-class services and abilities. At Aqua-Chem, we use the word as part of our commitment to providing sustainable, life-saving services to the inhabitants of the world. From drinking water for troops to Water-For-Injection (WFI), we take pride in providing water solutions for both highly technical application and the most demanding customer in the world—the human body.


Aqua-Chem provides total solutions to your pure water needs. Our portfolio includes a full range of thermal and membrane water treatment technologies including vapor compression distillation, flash evaporation, reverse osmosis, UV sterilizers, membrane filtration and ion exchange. Whether you need pure water for biotech production or potable water on an offshore oil rig, we’ve been there. While we don’t specialize in any one industry (we specialize in the application of knowledge and processes from industry to industry), we have a strong track record in a range of industries and markets.


Well-designed engineering proves successful through the entire life-cycle of our equipment. Knowing the right questions to ask, and having informed expectations, have lead many of our partners to exceed the expected return on investment. For example, our Vapor Compression distillers are so durable, one has been in operation since 1978.

Technology Leader

Innovation is the heart of what we do, adapting to not only the needs of our clients, but forward thinking to elemental innovation that maximizes productivity and quality. Our tried and true technology still holds many advances to those that have become “Industry Standard.”

Efficiency and Sustainability

Aqua-Chem understands the importance of minimizing the cost of producing high-purity water. More importantly, it is our core believe that we provide our clients with the most environmentally friendly and sustainable equipment in reducing overall carbon footprint. Aqua-Chem’s focus on all engineered solutions is to minimize energy consumption while maximizing water recovery, providing our clients with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment in the market today.


Aqua-Chem’s commitment to our customers is a service program in which we partner with and understand their goals. We will become an extension of our customer’s team through the consistent execution of high purity water service programs to assure the reliable delivery of specification water economically. Offering support, replacement parts, service, and training our technicians are committed to helping your team succeed.

Aqua-Chem Global Solutions

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