Pharmaceutical Water Room Generation System

Pharmaceutical Water Room Generation System
Water Conditioning System PW/ WFI Generation System Product Storage Tank Distribution Loop System

Water Conditioning System

Pretreats municipal potable water for to remove fine sediment and mineral hardness for use in membrane or distillation treatment processes using media or direct filtration and water softener resins.

PW/ WFI Generation System

Removes minerals, bacteria, and other organics according to pharmaceutical water specifications using membrane filtration and ion exchange resins or distillation.

Product Storage Tank

Aqua-Chem supplies high-quality storage and distribution tanks in a variety of sizes and materials to meet our customer’s needs. We provide strategic solutions for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Distribution Loop System

Designed to monitor and control flow, pressure, temperature, and quality of compendial waters through a facility distribution loop and with integral periodic or continuous chemical, ozone, or high temperature sanitization options.