Pure Steam Generator Skid (PSG)

• Shell-side evaporation design ensures heat transfer
surface will resist the formation of scale
• Submerged-tube, rising-film design eliminates dry
tube “hot spots”
• Fully automated control, with central control system
integration capability

Pure Steam Generator Skid (PSG)
Sanitary Booster Pump Pure Steam Blowdown Cooler Quality Divert Valve

Sanitary Booster Pump

Sanitary, Energy-Efficient, multi-stage booster pumps mounted on a heavy-duty frame with a variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to vary the motor input based on demand.

Pure Steam

Clean and Pure Steam from Aqua-Chem PSG systems generate high-quality steam that is devoid of condensate, debris, and other impurities for humidification, solvent, and sterilization (SIP) applications.

Blowdown Cooler

Aqua-Chem’s thermally efficient process uses a heat exchanger to recover waste heat from any blowdown, simultaneously pre-heating the feed water supply and reducing the temperature of water discharged to facility drains.

Quality Divert Valve

An optional quality monitoring system verifies that feed water conditions meet exacting specifications and diverts steam that cannot be qualified. Heat exchangers are used to condense and cool rejected product so that it can be safely discharged to drain.