TORRENT™ PRE Water Conditioning Skid

TORRENT™ PRE Water Conditioning Skid
Duplex Media Filter Bag, Cartridge, or Autobackwash Filter Turbidity Analyzer Series Water Softening Hardness Analyzer

Duplex Media Filter

The duplex media filter provides fine filtration to protect downstream processes and equipment and extend service life.

Bag, Cartridge, or Autobackwash Filter

A cartridge filter removes particles and some chemicals from feedwater. By removing these particulates from the feedwater the cartridge filter is protecting the reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

Aqua-Chem's Auto-Backwashing Screen Filters use a rigid or flexible screen to separate sand and other fine particles out of water. Screen filters are typically utilized as the first step in the purification process to protect the downstream equipment from being damaged by suspended solids. The auto-backwashing feature means that they automatically perform a self-cleaning without interrupting operation or causing unnecessary downtime.

Turbidity Analyzer

Turbidity analyzer provides a measurement of the particulate material in water.

Series Water Softening

Water Softeners use salt to remove minerals and odors in hard water- most commonly calcium and magnesium. Salt is introduced to the hard water which then attaches to the minerals, then the water is pushed through resin beads which attract and remove the sodium ions (and the minerals and odors) from the water, which softens the water.

Hardness Analyzer

Inline water hardness analyzer makes your system more efficient and less costly through continuous monitoring and reliable and accurate measurements.