Aerobic Biological Treatment-

Remove Dissolved Materials from Wastewater

Aerobic Biological Treatment

Aerobic treatment systems are based on a biological process operated and controlled under aerobic conditions (with aeration) that effectively treats COD, BOD, and VSS in water, carbon dioxide, and new biomass. Nijhuis aerobic treatment experts have vast experience and know-how to properly select, design, build, and operate aerobic processes, providing clients with the best sustainable treatment solution with the lowest cost of ownership.

Our BIOCTOR solutions come in a variety of proven options allowing Nijhuis Saur Industries to offer the best solution for the application. So whether you are interested in the separation of your wastewater with membrane technology, flexible tank operations, need to reduce industrial wastewater pollutant load to very low effluent requirements, or treat industrial wastewater for water recycling, Nijhuis Saur Industries can incorporate the proper BIOCTOR technical approach applied to a mixture of substances in the wastewater.


  • Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries
  • Fish, Meat, and Poultry processing 
  • Convenience Food processing
  • Soft drink and beverage producers
  • Potato and chips processing
  • Dairy processing- solid and liquid processing
  • Edible oil processing
  • Agricultural waste, manure and digestate, and biogas processing 

Customer Benefits

  1. Flexible selection of BIOCTOR solutions, depending on your requirements.
  2. Flexible options for surface or bottom aeration.
  3. High removal rates of BOD and VSS significantly reduce surcharge costs.
  4. Proven Nijhuis experience with applications in a wide variety of industries.
  5. FLEX-AERATION solution, an innovative fine/coarse bubble aeration system to reduce installation costs for the piping grid.


Sequence Batch Reactor (BIOCTOR-SBR):

The Nijhuis BIOCTOR-SBR is an easy and flexible to operate single-tank solution. All operations required in the process take place in one Sequence Batch Reactor tank. Consisting of modes of operations including biomass selection, aeration and denitrification tank, the proven technology has a very small footprint compared to continuous biological systems. In addition, the BIOCTOR-SBR is versatile and can utilize surface or bottom aeration.

Membrane Bioreactor (BIOCTOR-MBR):

The Nijhuis BIOCTOR-MBR is a continuous sludge water separator that utilizes membranes, a flat plate, or hollow fiber membrane modules and can be installed in the aeration tank or a separate membrane tank. The BIOCTOR-MBR uses a selector tank and bottom aeration/denitrification tank, allowing it to deliver very low effluent discharge values and has no sludge return flow.

Moving Bed Bioreactor (BIOCTOR-MBBR):

The Nijhuis BIOCTOR-MBBR uses carrier material and a compacter aeration reactor to have a more effective growth of bacteria. The BIOCTOR-MBBR is easy to maintain and can be upgraded, so the system can evolve in sync with your needs. In addition, if there’s a strict suspended solids discharge limit, a flocculation-flotation system can be added to remove solids.

Continuous Reactor (BIOCTOR-CONTINUOUS):

The Nijhuis BIOCTOR-CONTINUOUS is a 24/7 system where water flows by gravity through the required treatment steps, with a clarifier or DAF for sludge and water separation. Compared to the traditional clarifier, using a DAF for sludge and water separation makes the biological reactor more compact, and a higher concentration of bacteria in the aeration tank can be maintained, which delivers a better effluent quality can be guaranteed.

Consisting of a selector tank and an aeration/denitrification tank, the system is suitable for high flows. In addition, the BIOCTOR-CONTINUOUS can utilize surface or bottom aeration, adding to the flexibility of this design to deliver the best solution.


We offer a wide range of surface and bottom aeration solutions for aerobic biological treatment, Nijhuis FLEX-AERATION, resulting in flexible and custom-made configurations which we design, manufacture, and maintain. For surface aeration, we offer Low-Speed and High-Speed aerators. In addition, we offer Fine Bubble and Coarse Bubble aeration systems with tubes or discs for bottom aeration.

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