Pharmaceutical Ambient WFI & PW

Ambient WFI & PW

The Aqua-Chem pharmaceutical water system has been developed to generate validated, compendial water for USP, PhEur, and JP compliant pharmaceutical applications. Standard models supply loops between 2.0-50.0 gpm and are fully factory tested for fast install and start-up. Aqua-Chem’s Biopharma Ambient WFI & PW systems produce consistent, reliable, high-purity Water for Injection (WFI) for parenteral solutions, cell culture growth, vaccines and other critical applications using reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration technologies.
Aqua-Chem manufactures a variety of standard systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Our standard validation package is specifically designed to help your team with commissioning activities.


  • Standard materials used are 316L stainless steel and product contact surfaces are 15-25 RA finish
  • Sanitary valves, instruments, pumps and piping
  • Continuous product demineralization
  • Insulated process break tank with spray ball
  • All-electric Hot Water Sanitization (HWS)


  • Engineer-led Commissioning and Validation
  • Hot or Ambient storage and distribution
  • 1 or 2 pass reverse osmosis in FRP or SST
  • Extended Warranty, service, and spare parts



Vapor Compression Distillation

Pharma Standard Units

Standard Models 3 5 10 25 45
Loop Supply Rate 2.0-4.0 gpm 4.0-6.0 gpm 8.0-12.0 gpm 20.0-30.0 gpm 40.0-50.0 gpm
0.5-1.1 m2 /h 1.1-1.6 m2 /h 2.2-3.3 m2 /h 5.5-8.2 m2 /h 10.9-13.6 m2 /h

Ambient WFI Process Flow Diagram

Ambient PW Process Flow Diagram

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