Polishing, Reuse, and Disinfection-

Polishing Industrial Wastewater to Reuse Standards

Polishing, Reuse, and Disinfection

Polish (waste)water to reuse standards

Polish your industrial wastewater to very stringent discharge consents or optimize your process water system:

Sand filter, type CSF:
A continuous sand or cloth media filter removes particles from the wastewater by filtration over a sand bed, where the removable particles stay behind in the sand, and the cleaned water can be discharged continuously.

CarboPure, type CP:

The Nijhuis CarboPure combines conventional activated carbon filtration with our advanced air-dissolving technology. While organic substances are absorbed by the activated carbon, the dissolved oxygen is used by the bacteria in the filter to break down the organic material.

1-STEP® filter
The 1-STEP® filter is an innovative compact fixed bed activated carbon filter that operates at a relatively high rate of downward flow combining four processes in one single additional treatment unit.

Besides removal of suspended solids by filtration, it performs excellently on nitrogen removal by simultaneous biological denitrification (using a selective carbon source), chemical phosphate and heavy metals removal (by coagulation and flocculation with a low dose of metal salt), and if required, removal of organic micropollutants by adsorption to the activated carbon.

Membrane systems, types MF / UF / NF and RO:
Membrane separation processes are based on a straight forwarded separation method. The membrane acts as a very specific filter, impurities will be retained, and water will pass through the membrane. Selection criteria depend on the impurities that need to be removed.

UV disinfection, type NUV:
For clear water streams, disinfection of water can be achieved by UV-C radiation, a specific light wavelength that damages the DNA structure of micro-organisms.

Ozone disinfection, type NOS Q and NOS XL:
The NOS Q and XL series ozone generators are the world’s most accurate, safe, sustainable, and energy-efficient. In order to remove the undesired side effects of using chemicals and disinfectants, ozone technology provides a chemical-free solution.

Automatic Tube Cleaning, type ATC:
The system provides a permanent solution to combat scaling and fouling problems for heat exchangers by reducing power consumption, minimizing shutdowns and maintenance costs.

Why anaerobic solutions from Nijhuis Saur Industries and Anaerobic expert Econvert?

  • Maximise performance / avoid production stops / meet environmental compliance.
  • Reduce water, carbon, and environmental footprint of your plant: a smart combination of incoming and outgoing water streams.
  • A smart system to fit into the available plot of the plant.
  • Experienced support for high-tech plants to help your local operator or outsource it to Nijhuis Saur Industries and Anaerobic expert Econvert.

Why Choose Anaerobic Solutions?

  • High return on investment
  • Up to 90% savings on discharge costs
  • Low operational costs and low maintenance
  • Conversion of wastewater into renewable energy
  • No sludge discharge costs
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Good possibilities for water reuse in factories (towards closed loops)
  • Quick start-up
  • Economically appealing at COD loads starting from 300 kg per day

Nijhuis Saur Industries and Econvert Technology overview

Depending on the application, solutions can be applied to industrial wastewater or manure, sludge, and organic substances.

Industrial Wastewater

Nijhuis Saur Industries and Econvert offer customized solutions based on in-depth process knowledge. We design and construct the following water and biogas treatment plants.

  • Econvert-UASB® (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)
    The robust configuration enables the handling of large varieties in both volume and composition.
  • Econvert-EGSB® (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed)
    The optimized compromise combines a small footprint with fewer internals. The unique settling system of the reactor has proven to retain solids also in high flow.
  • Econvert-IR® (Internal Recirculation)
    A high-performer technology designed to create the ideal process conditions. The two-stage settling system enables internal recirculation.
  • Econvert-DGF® (Anaerobic Reactor + Dissolved Gas Flotation)
    Solution to effectively treat raw wastewaters that contain high TSS and FOG concentrations and factory waste, without (chemical) pre-treatment.
  • Econvert-Dsulph® (biological biogas desulphurization)

Manure, sludge, and organic substances:

    A mixed anaerobic reactor for sludge, manure, and organic substances. A robust separation step such as a decanter centrifuge or screw press can also be applied to separate the digestate into a liquid and solid fraction.

Full range of biogas treatment solutions
In order to treat the digestate/effluent after the Econvert® or AECOMIXTM- TAURUS process to discharge or reuse requirements, Nijhuis Saur Industries offers a wide range of polishing, reusing, and recovery solutions.

Biogas can be used to feed boilers, gas engines, or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) installations or upgraded to green or natural gas and supplied to the electricity grid. We offer a full range of buffers, flares, biogas blowers/compressors, and biogas cooling/drying.

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