Flocculators & Chemical Dosing Systems-

Remove Emulsions, Dispersions, and Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Flocculator and Chemical Dosing Systems

These systems remove emulsions, dispersions, and heavy metals from the wastewater by adding coagulant, flocculant, or precipitant.

Flocculator, type i-PFR:
Pipe flocculator, designed for effective mixing of chemicals with wastewater and equipped with special mixing pipes.

Chemical dosing units, type CDU:
Skid-mounted chemical dosing units equipped with all required safety measures.

Flocculant make-up units, type NMA / NMM:
Flocculants will be supplied either as powder or liquid product in an optimal dosage of concentration.

Flocculation dosing units, type FDU:
A range of flocculant dosing units is developed to dose the polymer.

Intelligent dosing control, type i-DOSE:
Intelligent dosing of chemicals to minimize chemical consumption costs based on the actual pollution load of the incoming effluent.

Flocculants, type i-FLOC:
A range of intelligent flocculants which is economical to use and effective over a wide range of pH.


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