Serving all branches of the military as well as government needs for water purification both on land and offshore, for drinking and industrial processes, we cover the waterfront for stationary and mobile water purification needs.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (i.e. RO) is a process whereby water is purified by passing a stream of incoming feedwater through a semipermeable membrane(s), counteracting natural osmosis that would occur without the force applied by the high pressure pump. Feedwater is passed through a particulate filter and then pumped through the RO vessels where the separation occurs into two streams – permeate, or the purified water, and the reject / concentrate discharge.

Reverse Osmosis Diagram

Government Market – Land Forces & Naval Forces

The U.S. Navy required replacement watermakers for one of their ships. To avoid a multimillion-dollar hull cut, they wanted to install this equipment on board through a service hatch.

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