The Next Generation of Ambient WFI / PW is Here!

Membrane-Based Reverse Osmosis Water for Injection (WFI) and Purified Water (PW) Systems

Ambient Water for Injection (WFI) & Purified Water (PW)

The TORRENT™ WFI Packaged Membrane WFI System and TORRENT™ PW Packaged RO/CEDI USP PW System generates compendial water that exceeds current USP, PhEur, and JP requirements for direct and contract manufacturing of critical pharmaceutical, biopharma, medical device, cosmetic, and personal care products. The fully integrated systems are a part of a complete Aqua-Chem water room solution that includes utility pretreatment, generation, and hot or ambient storage and distribution.

TORRENT™ continues Aqua-Chem’s legacy of innovation in WFI with a standardized triple-membrane barrier that is used to deliver water free of microbes and endotoxins at ambient temperatures and ensures maximum quality with minimal risk. All TORRENT™ water systems are engineered for performance and reliability using only non-proprietary, premium components including Mettler-Toledo instrumentation, Bürkert valves, and IonPure® CDI-LX™ modules. The novel form factor improves ease of use, includes fully-automated operation and hot water sanitization, and is fully factory tested for fast installation, start-up, and qualification.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Cosmetic
  • Personal Care Products


  • Modular “plug-and-play” design
  • Operator-focused sampling and maintenance
  • Stainless steel frame and enclosures
  • 316L tubing with ≤20 Ra after RO
  • Catalytic carbon with spare exchange vessel
  • Active feedwater disinfection and Cl2 monitor
  • Insulated SST break tank with CIP functionality
  • All-electric Hot Water Sanitization (HWS)
  • Robust triple-membrane barrier protection
  • 6.0 kDa ultrafilter for global WFI release
  • Title 21 CFR Part 11 ready control system
  • GAMP 5 documentation package
  • Complete Factory Acceptance Test (wet FAT)
  • Remote diagnostics & 24/7 post-sales support
  • Made in and serviced from the USA


  • Hot or ambient storage and distribution
  • 1 or 2 Pass reverse osmosis in FRP or SST
  • Chemical dechlorination and pH adjust
  • Steam sanitization and chiller exchangers
  • Loop disinfection and 6.0 kDa ultrafiltration
  • Upgraded sensors, TOC, and Bioburden
  • Engineer-led Commissioning and Validation
  • IQ/OQ Protocols and Execution
  • Extended warranty, service, and spare parts


TORRENT™ WFI General Specifications

LOOP SUPPLY RATE2 2.7-3.3 gpm 4.5-6.0 gpm 9.0-11.0 gpm 27.0-33.0 gpm 40.5-49.5 gpm
0.6-0.75 m3/h 1.0-1.36 m3/h 2.0-2.5 m3/h 6.1-7.5 m3/h 9.2-11.2 m3/h

TORRENT™ PW General Specifications

LOOP SUPPLY RATE2 2.7-3.3 gpm 4.5-6.0 gpm 9.0-11.0 gpm 27.0-33.0 gpm 40.5-49.5 gpm
0.6-0.75 m3/h 1.0-1.36 m3/h 2.0-2.5 m3/h 6.1-7.5 m3/h 9.2-11.2 m3/h
1Alternate configurations, including higher flows, are available via our dedicated project engineering and management team.
2Feedwater conditions may affect system performance. Given ranges assume specified water source and operation at 77.0 °F (25.0 °C)

TORRENT PFD Ambient (WFI) Water For Injection

TORRENT PFD Ambient (PW) Purified Water

Torrent Ambient WFI & PW Systems

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