Sludge Management-

Reduce sludge disposal costs and maximize the value of sludge.

Sludge Management

Sludge disposal costs are a key component in the operational costs of wastewater and waste treatment systems. Implementing a process to dewater sludge can reduce the disposal costs dramatically, as the dewatered sludge can be integrated into a biogas installation to produce more biogas.

Drum Filter (NDF):
An inside-fed screen with a perforated drum covered by a cloth, specially designed for dewatering excess sludge up to 6% dry solids or as solid and liquid separation for manure.

Screw Press (NSP):

A sludge screw press is a flexible solution that separates sludge into a liquid and a solid fraction.

Screw Conveyor (NSC):
A screw conveyor is a mechanism that uses a rotating helical screw blade to transport thickened sludge.

Screw Screen Compactor (NSSC):
A screen compactor washes and lifts screenings to a convenient height for disposal.

Sand Screw (NSS):
A sand screw separator removes fast-settling solids, such as sand.

Chamber Filter Press (NCFP):
Works by dewatering sludge in chambers by applying very high pressures to the system.

Decanter Centrifuge:
A decanter centrifuge separates solids from one, two, or three liquid phases in a single continuous process.

Belt Press:
Dewaters sludge by a belt system, the first stage by gravity, followed by a pressurized belt for further dewatering.

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